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Diary of a Hangman

Diary of a Hangman

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Wolff Weber, of Guntzendorff, and Barthel Dochendte, of Weisterfelss, both executed at Statt Kronach; Wolff, who was a thief, was hanged; Barthel, who was a murderer and had committed three murders, was executed on the wheel. Eight years later, in September 1932, after another bout of heavy drinking, Ellis died by suicide, cutting his throat with a razor.

This particular edition of the diary has an excessively long introduction that felt like modern moralizing rather than objective presentation in many parts. The analysis and explanation given in the first chapters make it a fascinating read, without them it would be a little gruesome and could not be appreciated. Now an esoteric of legal and criminal history, A Hangman’s Diary gives a year-by-year breakdown on all of Master Franz Schmidt’s executions, which included hangings, beheadings, and other methods, as well as details of each capital crime and the reason for the punishment. Some include extra remarks from Schmidt some personal like "This was my first execution with the sword" (110) while others of a more generic nature like "No one had been executed in the town for 106 years" (186).Lots of people have their heads cut off "as a favour" to avoid the worse fates of hanging out the wheel, which are reserved for the worst offenders. This makes me glad for the legal system i currently live under and was interesting at what was deemed serious enough for corporal punishment in his age. Lately, consorting with thieves and robbers, formed a band of sixteen, attacked people by night at Mossfühl, at Esterfeld and at the mill near Würzburg, also at Pühel and Hennau and many other places. An interesting read, albeit less in-depth then I would have liked compared to the Faithful Executioner.

The diary entries alternate between terse single lines, “A thief hanged” and long passages giving tantalizing details of the crimes for which people were punished. They shot the miller dead, did violence to the miller’s wife and the maid, obliged them to fry some eggs in fat and laid these on the dead miller’s body, then forced the miller’s wife to join in eating them. The people in the diary lived in a world that was, in some significant ways, utterly different to ours. but there is a really good essay about the german criminal justice system in the 1500s and 1600s in the beginning of the book.Görgla von Sunberg said they had committed a great sin and that he would take the infants to a priest to be baptized, but Phila said he would himself be priest and baptize them, so he took them by the legs and dashed them to the ground. It was interesting what the crimes were that he wrote about and how trivial some where to be executed for. The Meister Schmidt was an interesting person, and the fact that as an executioner, kept a diary of all of the various tortures, executions, crimes, and other various tidbits of life at this time is fascinating! I learned a lot from the extensive introduction about crime and punishment at the time and kept thinking what an interesting premise it would be for a book of short stories, since each execution described is a little micro-story in and of itself. Originally published more than eighty years ago, A Hangman’s Diary gives a year-by-year breakdown on all of Master Schmidt’s executions, which include hangings, beheadings, and other methods of murder, as well as explanations of each crime and the reason for the punishment.

Hans Peyhel, of Forchheim, who committed three murders with his companion; beheaded with the sword at Forchheim and exposed on the wheel. W. Gruner have put together a masterful tome that sets the scene of execution day and puts you in Master Franz Schmidt’s shoes as he does his duty for his country.

I thought it was going to be slightly different and offer a look into the executioner and not just a chronological listing of the people he killed. Use of the archive is by appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (during term-time) and Fridays. Funded by Greater Manchester Police, it not only collects and preserves archive material and objects relating to the history of policing in the Greater Manchester area, but acts as an important resource for community engagement, where visitors can talk to staff and volunteers about policing. This was the obituary in which learning and high-minded pursuits went on while this story of criminal justice could have been t into effect on anybody unlucky enough to have acquired a bad reputation, although some of the crimes were absolutely appalling too. I had recently finished reading “The Faithful Executioner” about Meister Franz Schmidt and was intrigued to find that his diary was available for general consumption as well.

On the 23rd of August [of 1593] Margaret Stainla of Offenhausen, otherwise known as the Spilkundl, who had broken the Ban eight times, had her fingers cut off.If, however, you are after a rare piece of source material from the sixteenth century, then this is excellent. It's interesting to know how things like this were dealt with in the past and in other countries, and how much we've changed and improved. Originally published more than eighty years ago, A Hangmans Diary gives a year-by-year breakdown on all of Master Schmidts executions, which include hangings, beheadings, and other methods of murder, as well as explanations of each crime and the reason for the punishment.

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