Impregnated by the Alien Monster 1 - 5 Bundle: Spicy Dark Alien Demon Breeding and Pregnancy Erotic Short Story

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Impregnated by the Alien Monster 1 - 5 Bundle: Spicy Dark Alien Demon Breeding and Pregnancy Erotic Short Story

Impregnated by the Alien Monster 1 - 5 Bundle: Spicy Dark Alien Demon Breeding and Pregnancy Erotic Short Story

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Stupid thing-that-would-not-die mess has George Kennedy (no idea why he is in this) leading a group of humans who live underground in a post-apocalyptic future. Being rough and crude, it's kind of similar in style / budget to the likes of ''Creepazoids'' and "Parasite". A few moments into this picture and you can start to see the low-budget sleaze oozing through the cracks. The aforementioned birth-sequence may be very unoriginal; at least it's suitably repulsive and even mildly shocking. On that, you would have to argue a little more (but maybe not a lot, as they even name-drop the film).

Many would think that it's either Oedon or Moon Presence that impregnate the poor lady of the night. They really needed to spread the deaths of the team a bit more as one of the reasons one watches a film like this is to see the deaths, so when you have them so close together it kind of makes the last portion of the film a bit more bland than it would have been. Trouble ensues when a pregnant survivor gives birth to a vicious predatory mutant (Jack Valan in a gnarly rubber suit) who quickly grows to adult size and goes on a murderous rampage. The cast includes a fun lead performance from the one and only Andrew Stevens and we get nice support from Starr Andreeff, John Lafayette and Oscar-winner George Kennedy who was square in the middle of his exploitation days.They locate a survivor and bring her back to the facility, but she turns out to be pregnant and it turns out to be a monster and thus it begins to attack the members of the facility! the topic of "monster" is taboo, which is precisely why viewers are drawing so many conclusions about what is actually happening throughout the movie, because the screenplay and director meant for you to judge and make assumptions about the narrative of each perspective, for you to misunderstand things, leaving you with a confusing and complicated picture that ends with just the story of two boys coming to love and accept each other despite growing up in a "heteronormative" society, and any opposition to it demonstrates society's unwillingness to accept the film's message once again.

Determining the reason behind it's attacks, the team scours the base for the creature and launches a plan to get rid of it before it is able to kill off the entire crew one-by-one. The instant the thing is seen lunging out of its host they resort to a cut away of our hero "David" played by Andrew Stevens looking on from a observation room and exclaims "Oh my God he's in the air vent. While performing the operation, the 'baby' tears itself free from the womb in a blatant crib of the chestburster scene from Alien, and scuttles off to the air vents where it quickly grows into a full-sized man in a really bad rubber monster costume. Max has to walk home in the rain after Billy decides he's done waiting on her, and meets a familiar creature that she thought was dead. During the abortion attempt, the fetus produces a monster that wreaks havoc through the military base.

Princess Selubi decides devises a way to broker peace, a political marriage between her and the mysterious Monster King, whose tales describe him as a vile being with a cruel heart.

The hero (Andrew Stevens) is obviously more upset when his dog gets injured than when his black colleague and even his girlfriend get torn to pieces. The reptilian facial features, crocodilian jaws, bony scalp and icy stare give it a great look that may have come off fairly well if done right, and there is moments where it does look intimidating.This is one of them films that gives you absolutely no feedback or background about anything that happens before, during and after the main events in the plot. After Shelly is to take the male seed from several of the small monsters up inside her, she decides to wait until Jackson is asleep before she goes out to the stable to say goodnight to the creatures.

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